The more you know: Disney’s characters inspired by real-life people

Have you ever wondered what inspired some of the most memorable characters seen in Disney movies? Was it just pure imagination or was there a real life person that inspired the magic seen onscreen?

We did some research and found out that a few Disney characters were in fact based on real people and their true experiences. Here is a look at some characters that were based on real life people!

1) Edith Head | Edna Mode

This sassy, outspoken superhero costume designer isn’t all make believe. The Incredibles’ Edna Mode was based off of real life costume designer, Edith Head. She was the go to costume designer for films during the 1950s. Head won eight Academy Awards for Best Costume Design in movies like The Heiress and Roman Holiday. Her fashion forward attire and many achievements really does make her incredible. 

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