An effective 5-week diet plan can help lose up to 15 pounds


– a cup of boiled broccoli, one orange.

– half a cup of greek yogurt.

– a cup of baby carrots with hummus.

– a cup of chopped pineapples.

– a handful of nuts.

– a cup of dates.

– a glass of skim milk, an apple.


– a serving of grilled sweet potatoes with 100g of baked chicken.

– a serving of brown rice with 100g of grilled salmon.

– two slices of pizza with cheese, ham, veggies and yogurt sauce.

– bacon salad, a serving of brown rice.

– mediterranean shrimp salad.

– a bowl of spicy salmon roll and a cup of miso soup.

– black bean salad bowl with lettuce, greens, black beans, avocado, salsa and guacamole.

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