16 Celebrities Who Totally Rock Their Tattoo Game

2. Emilia Clarke

Another Game of Thrones celebrity, Emilia Clarke, paid tribute to her character Daenerys Targaryen by getting a tattoo that features 3 flying dragons. In the series, Daenerys was usually addressed as The Mother of Dragons and Emilia decided to commemorate it. After all, this role made her famous all around the world.

3. Angelina Jolie

However mainstream they are, tattoos that celebrate romantic relationships are still on the top list of celebrity favorite tattoos, even though they don’t always last. Angelina Jolie had to remove her “Billy Bob” tattoo from her shoulder following their split in 2003. She later had it inked over with the geographical coordinates of her children’s birthplaces.

Ironically enough, Jolie had her back tattooed with Buddhist symbols that were supposed to represent her spiritual bond with Brad Pitt only a few months before their marriage came to an end.

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