15 Celebrities Who Died In Freak Accidents

The death of a beloved celebrity will always grip the hearts of fans, and send a ripple of despair across Facebook. But if these popular performers were getting on in years or were known to make precarious life choices, their passing is not necessarily a surprise.

What we are never prepared for are the freak accidents. One minute, they seem perfectly fine, and then suddenly, they’re just gone. Often times, they just got profoundly unlucky. Occasionally, they were being uncharacteristically reckless. Sometimes, there’s a bit of mystery surrounding the events and it’s entirely likely we will never know the whole story.

It’s a bittersweet easement of the pain for mourners to have someone to blame in these cases. But the guilty parties are not always clear-cut or even possible to identify. As awful as it is to think about, sometimes it’s just pure happenstance that prematurely ends the lives and careers of our adored entertainers.

Whatever series of unfortunate events that led to the shocking demise of these 15 celebrities, they all have one thing in common: their stars were snuffed out far too soon and they are sorely missed. Be careful out there, friends.

Here are 15 Celebrities Who Died In Freak Accidents.

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27-year-old Anton Yelchin’s star was still very much on the rise when, in June 2016, the media reported his shocking and untimely death. The L.A. county coroner’s office cited “blunt traumatic asphyxia” that occurred when his Jeep Grand Cherokee pinned him against a brick pillar outside his Hollywood home. The Fiat Chrysler model was part of a recall that affected the gearshift, leading to unintended rolling.

Though there were no witnesses, investigators suspect that the Star Trek actor left his jeep running at the top of his steep driveway when he walked down to check the mail. The vehicle slipped out of gear and rolled into him.

Yelchin’s parents filed a wrongful death suit against Fiat Chrysler but the dealership refused to accept responsibility for the accident, citing “misuse, misapplication, or damage” by Yelchin. Fortunately, the court rejected the dealership’s counter-argument, and ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. Show more

movies, entertainment, movie reviews,celebrity style,celebrity news, celebrity (uk),entertainment (uk)

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