10 Women Who Killed Their Families

Few murders provoke as much shock and horror as when someone takes the lives of their own family members. We’ve discussed men who’ve killed their families, but it seems all the more shocking when a woman kills her family, the children she brought into this world and nurtured for some time.

Why does this happen? What could motivate a mother to deliberately end the lives of her own children? As we will discover in this list, grief, anger, and an inability to give her children the life she thinks they deserve are just a few reasons a mother could do the unthinkable.

1. Aubrianne Moore

She would keep her kids home from school because the television said there would be a school bus accident that day. She would not eat food because she believed it was poisoned. She would stay up all night because she was convinced someone was outside, ready to break into her home.

Such was the psychosis of Aubrianne Moore, single mother to three children: Alaina, age two, Cassidy, six, and Kyrie, eight. A Newaygo County, Michigan, social worker had stated in probate court that it was only a matter of time before Aubrianne endangered herself or someone else and should be committed to a mental institution.

Less than five months later, on February 18, 2019, Aubrianne shot and killed her three children before turning the gun on herself.

Using a fake doctor’s note to remove the children from school, Aubrianne took the kids to lunch before going to a heavily wooded area on a property belonging to her great-grandmother. She then brought each child into the woods individually and shot them with a hunting rifle. Afterward, she put the bodies in her car and drove to her boyfriend’s house. She shot herself in his driveway.

Investigation into Aubrianne’s life showed that she had been hospitalized in the past for her mental state and had been diagnosed with “unspecified schizophrenia.” Family members say there were actions being taken to remove the children from the care of their mother, but Child Protective Services was not involved. Overall, it is believed that she most likely was not taking her medication and had a psychotic break, leading to her horrific actions.

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