10 Superpowers We Didn’t Know We All Already Have

No matter how we look at it, the human body seems hilariously devoid of cool features, unlike many others in the animal kingdom. We can’t fly, don’t have a mechanism to stay alive underwater, and are not particularly strong, though we do have big brains. That may give us an edge over other less intelligent creatures, but we don’t really seem to possess any special abilities that set us apart.

With the advancement of science, however, we’re slowly realizing that humans can already do many impressive things that we’d usually associate with superpowers, precisely because of how complex and developed our big brains are.

1. Bioluminescence

One of the best mutations nature has ever come up with is the ability to produce light. Known in scientific circles as bioluminescence, anyone at the beach at just the right time of the night could tell you about the awesomeness of it. Many oceanic creatures, along with certain mammals, have been found to have the ability.

According to recent research, however, humans produce their own kind of light. We didn’t know about it until now because it is outside the range of what the eye can see. In an experiment, researchers plugged in five volunteers and monitored their light emissions for 20 minutes every three hours.

To their surprise, they found that the human body constantly emits a glow we had no idea about, though it’s not to be confused with the glow from all the heat. The glow is the brightest around the head and was found to be the dimmest late at night. They’re not exactly clear on what causes it, but they’re sure that it’s somehow related to our metabolism.

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