10 Interesting Facts About The Rise Of Sex Robots

The future is now, and the machines have made their way into our lives. Throughout history, human beings havesought to complement their lifestyles and accomplish their tasks using a variety of technologies, beginning with simple, rudimentary stone tools and leading up to the elaborate robotics of today (and tomorrow). So it’s really no surprise that sex robots are actually starting to make their way onto the world stage.

In a way, sex robots are just animated sex dolls. But is there more to a “sexbot” than just movement that animates the old-fashioned blow-up doll? Some say there is. Truth be told, these machines have become rather intricate, and as time goes on, they reflect the human beings they’re designed after more and more. Will sex dolls ever be able to fool us into believing they’re actual humans someday? Time will tell. From what we know now, and what we can predict, here are ten interesting facts about the rise of sex robots.

1. What Is A Digisexual?

“Digisexual” is a term that’s slowly gaining popularity and seeks to describe someone who’s more attracted to technological forms of sexuality than other people. This can include actual sex robots, but it also encompasses people who have a preference for other forms of technologically assisted sex over relations with other humans. Experts have suggested that digisexual people are gaining in numbers and will eventually make up a very large portion of the population. Some even predict that by the year 2030, most people will have virtual reality sex in their homes, analogous to how most people view pornography online today.

In a very real way, there are already a lot of digisexual people out there, by these definitions. One of the side effects of pornography addiction is a lack of preference or an inability to perform with human partners, preferring pornography to real, live human beings. Could these people be considered some of the first digisexuals? Will the day come when what we today call pornography addiction is normalized as a sexual preference? We’ll see.

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