10 amazing discoveries on the edge of the universe

About 100 years ago, it was assumed that our galaxy encompasses the entire universe. A century later, we observe things more than 13 billion light-years away, approaching the moment of creation.

The following 10 discoveries are from the very edge of existence. They show us how surprising and amazing the early universe was.

1. A Galaxy from the Beginning of Time

The beloved Hubble Telescope stole a picture of the birth of the universe 400 million years after the Big Bang. It captured the brilliant infant galaxy GN-z11 as it did 13.4 billion years ago.

At this time, the universe had only 3 percent of its present age and only a few hundred million years had passed since the first stars burst into existence. [1]

GN-z11 probably grew into a real animal. But here it had only 1 percent of the mass of the Milky Way in stars packed into a structure that was 25 times smaller than our galaxy.

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